BN7115 - SUMIBORON for Sintered Alloy Machining

BN7115 - SUMIBORON for Sintered Alloy Machining
Recommended Application

Provides stable performance for high-speed finishing work with sintered alloys.

With improved CBN particle/binder boundary strength due to the special binder and improved binding strength between CBN particles thanks to our proprietary sintering process, the edge sharpness in sintered alloy machining is excellent and burrs and tearing are suppressed.

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Cutting Performance

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● Sintered Alloy (50 to 95HRB/90 to 200HV)

BN7115 Application Range(Sintered Alloy )

● High-density/Sintered Alloy (30 to 65HRC/300 to 800HV)

BN7115 Application Range(High-density/Sintered Alloy)